We recently renovated our lab in Katapult accelerator, which will allow us to start building the Stella 1 rocket. In addition to new electric and hand tools, we have also fabricated a clean room for assembly and cleaning of the rocket’s liquid oxygen system.

Liquid oxygen is a common oxidizer in rocket engines, most often in combination with kerosene (RP-1 fuel). Due to its strong oxidizing capabilities, organic materials can burn rapidly in its presence, while materials such as oil or charcoal can even become explosive. To prevent any damage to our rocket motor, we thoroughly clean and degrease most of the components and later store them in the clean room.

On March 10th Spacelink representatives joined a discussion with an American astronaut of Slovene origin – Randy Bresnik in Noordung center in Vitanje. It is really inspiring to talk with a man that spent 6 months on the International Space Station and is one of the few who have seen the Earth from such perspective.

Here you can watch one of the videos he took during a space walk on the International Space Station: